Friday, August 19, 2016

Dwayne the Rock Johnson Makes Video With Love Crazed Fan, Aug 2016, Video, Hollywood News.

Dwayne the Rock Johnson made a video with a fan on Youtube. A girl who went from stalking the Rock on Twitter to a girl making videos of Dwayne has come a long way. Here we see Dwayne have some fun with a fan, for the fans. He looks like he tries harder than other movie stars to get a strong fan base behind him. Watch has she goes in for a kiss, but...the inevitable happens. 

Ariel Winter Responds to Haters Who Criticize Her Sexy Instagram Photos: 'Let Me Live!' Hollywood News.

The 'Modern Family' star also opened up to ET about her positive body image and clarified recent dating rumors at Variety's Power of Young Hollywood event, presented by Pixhug.

Jonah Hill Says Snorting Fake Cocaine Put Him in the Hospital, Go Figure, Hollywood Gossip News.

This is Jonah Hill's brain on fake drugs. The 32-year-old actor said the massive amount of fake cocaine he did while filming "The Wolf of Wall Street" made him so sick he had to be hospitalized. Snorting vitamin powder up his nose gave him bronchitis, Hill told Bill Simmons on the latest episode of his HBO series "Any Given Wednesday." "If you ingest that much matter into your lungs you'll get very sick, and we were literally doing fake coke for, like, seven months, every day," Hill said. "I had to be hospitalized."

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Justin Bieber Flips Out And DELETES His Instagram Amidst Jelena Drama & Selena Apologizes, Hollywood Gossip News.

And just when we all thought the Jelena drama was over after Justin Bieber reportedly accused Selena Gomez of cheating on him…it was actually just the beginning. Selena Gomez may have felt a little remorse for all of her comments on Justin’s Instagram the other day, but her half-apology was too little too late. 
After all of the dramatic back and forth comments that happened on Instagram between Justin and Selena, the ‘Kill ‘Em with Kindness’ singer is apparently taking it all back. In what looks like the final comment on the Jelena drama that transpired over the weekend, Selena took to her snapchat to wrap up her feud with the Biebs by kinda sorta saying sorry. 
The singer wrote QUOTE, “What I said was selfish and pointless.” 

Well, even though Selena owned up to her words and called her actions selfish, it was definitely a little too late to say sorry because not too long after Selena backtracked on the entire Insta-feud, Justin decided to take his previous threat of making his Instagram private by taking it one step further and deleting it all together. 

Before you start mourning the loss of Justin’s Instagram, he’s still on Twitter and Facebook, so at least there’s still that!
Anyway, what are your thoughts on all of this? Are you surprised Justin deleted his Instagram account? Let me know in the comment section below! When you’re done with that, click right over here to check out all of the celebrities you didn’t know were athletes on Throwback and as always, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel. Thanks for hanging with me right here on Clevver News, I’m Misty Kingma and I’ll see ya next time. 

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Johnny Depp In A Drunken Rage At Wife In Morning As She Records It All, Hollywood Gossip News.

TMZ News just released a video of Johnny Depp totally loosing it, and holding a whisky bottle, and even destroying Ambers cell phone. If this isn't evidence backing up what she says, then I don't know what is. SCW

TMZ News states: 
Johnny Depp went crazy on Amber Heard in their kitchen, throwing a wine bottle and glass ... and she videotaped it. 
We're told the video was shot months before the May 21 incident in which Amber claims Johnny struck her.

Amber asks Johnny if he drank a bottle of wine and tries to calm him down. She says she was sorry for something although she was not specific.   

Johnny isn't having it, and appears out of control. After throwing the glass and bottle, you see him swiping at Amber's phone ... trying to get it from her.
Sources connected with Johnny tell TMZ ... the video is "heavily edited" and there are portions where Amber is seen smiling and egging him on. The sources add the video was a complete set up by Amber.

It's also likely the tape would not be admissible in court, partly because it's edited but more importantly because it appears he does not know he's being videotaped and she'd have to get his permission. We've learned, however, the tape is specifically entered in an exhibit in Amber's case. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

People Can't Stop Comparing Olympian Brady Ellison to Leonardo DiCaprio -- See the Pics! Hollywood News.

People Can't Stop Comparing Olympian Brady Ellison to Leonardo DiCaprio -- See the Pics! Take a close look and you may see a resemblance. Those two look like brothers, or almost twins. This is messing with my head. Really strange one here. Whats your thoughts on them?

Justin Bieber New Girlfriend Is Hot, Hot, Hot! In Hawaii To See...Well You Get The Point. Hollywood Gossip News.

We're betting Justin Bieber's already had a close-up view of the birthmark in this pic -- can you spot it? It's okay if your eyes didn't go there first. Model Sahara Ray's the chick the Biebs is cavorting with in Hawaii. Check out the pics ...the Aussie's fantastic curves are what dream vacations are made of ... if you're Justin.